Valley Country Club Testimonials


"Working with Melodi and Steve was a great experience. They worked with us and the menu and they worked around our family and friends' food allergies and dietary restrictions. They were always there to answer any questions we had. The day of the wedding came and after we took all of our pictures on their grounds, I went into the bridal suite and had to go through the ballroom to get there and the room was set up EXACTLY as I had envisioned it the very first time I saw the room a year and a half prior. I was amazed and left breathless. They did everything I asked, and then some! As the night went on, our friends and family RAVED on and on about the wedding. From the food to the ambiance to the deck outside, everyone was truly impressed with the work Valley Country Club had done.. If I could do it all over again, I would choose Valley again! They were amazing and they helped make our wedding PERFECT!!"

- Marie V.

"Valley Country Club will exceed your expectations, just like they did for my wife and I! When it came to how we were treated, Melodi, Steve, Jody, and the entire crew were exceptional from the very beginning! Everything was simply amazing from the conditions of the grounds to the food, to the prompt and courteous staff...If you're looking to bring a very specific vision to life, there's no better place around! Stunning! My wife and I couldn't have been more pleased with our decision to choose Valley Country Club and we hope you take this recommendation to do the same, you won't be disappointed!!"

- Mike B.

"My husband and I got married at Valley Country Club. To say it was absolutely perfect would be an understatement. Before I get into the details, I need to mention that the wedding venue we originally had decided on went out of business six weeks before our wedding. As you can imagine, this was our worst nightmare. I saw on the news that Valley Country Club was willing to help couples that were affected by this...The grounds were absolutely breathtaking. There is a beautiful view, no matter where you stand! I immediately reached out to Melodi and from our first conversation, she assured me she was going to do everything in her power to help us. If you can imagine, six weeks before your wedding, everything is already planned, so to have a major hiccup like this come up, really threw us for a loop. Melodi made sure she offered me everything I originally had planned for at the other venue, including the exact same menu and so much more! I could have never imagined what she was able to do for us, especially on such short notice. All throughout the night, anytime I needed anything, Steve was there with a smile on his face. I could never thank Valley Country Club enough for my beyond AMAZING day!!!! In hindsight, I'm so glad my original venue closed and I was able to have my wedding at VCC. I HIGHLY recommend this venue to every single couple starting on their wedding planning journey. If you want a professional staff who takes your wedding as serious as you do, this is the place to go!!!!"

- Jenna R.

"We were married at Valley Country Club in 2018. Everything was absolutely perfect! The outside setting was beautiful for the ceremony and cocktail hour, and the ballroom was the perfect venue for the reception. Melodi and Steve were so helpful throughout the whole process, and the staff working the event were fantastic! S The food was outstanding, and the portions for the plated dinner are much larger than at other weddings I have attended. Everyone RAVED about the food, especially the gourmet popcorn bar and ice cream sundae bar for dessert! Valley has many different options to suit any wedding budget, and lots of add-ons to satisfy your wedding "must-haves". The whole day was absolutely amazing, and we wouldn't change a thing! Thank you, Valley Country Club!"

- Kathryn W.