Valley Country Club Guest Information

Guest Information

We would like to remind members and guests how important it is to maintain appropriate conduct at all times while on Valley Country Club property.

In order to enrich the experience for current and future members, we must adhere to a proper code of conduct. Violations of conduct taint the Membership Experience leading to members’ displeasure and a decline in our Club's reputation. Following appropriate conduct leads to membership satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.

Families and children of members, as well as event guests,  are welcome at Valley CC at all times, and we ask that each individual respect the experiences of those around them.  Please refrain from loud and vulgar language on the deck, the patio, inside the clubhouse, and on the golf course. In addition, please remember to display respect and dignity to fellow members, staff, and guests, at all times.

At Valley Country Club, we observe the rules of golf etiquette, and expect all members and guests to do the same. Any abuse of the grounds, the building, or course by causing damage to any items will be reported to Club Management. Members responsible for the damage will be subject to disciplinary action. Members are also responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Conduct that reflects discredit or disrepute on Valley CC or the failure to or refusal to comply with Club rules and policies may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or termination, as determined by the Board of Managers, on the recommendation of the Infraction Committee.

If misconduct is observed, all complaints against a member or guest shall be submitted in writing to the General Manager. 

The policies of Valley CC have been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful place for members, guests, and staff to gather in the spirit of relaxation, camaraderie, fun, and friendly competition.  We thank you all for continuing to adhere to Valley Country Club policies.