Russel Johnson

Director of Instruction

Phone: 401-821-1115 ext. 2

Russel Johnson has over 25 years of golf experience in the industry and has excelled in all facets. His background has spanned the retail sector, the wholesale side, and green grass (golf courses) facilities as well. Russel came into the game as it transitioned from wood woods to metal woods and as video lessons were being introduced. Russel has always been on the cutting edge of technology and features a strong focus on technology-based instruction. Using data, multi cameras to show the student the strengths and weaknesses factually without guessing As a knowledgeable instructor, Russel has adapted to all modern technologies through-out his career while still infusing some old-world teaching methods that his mentors have shared. As he has developed his own instruction style, communication is his greatest asset. In the four states, Russel has taught, his mentors have been very influential to his growth as an instructor and mentor to younger professionals and tour caliber players. In 2003, Russel became sales representative & club fitter for Adams Golf covering Southeast Florida as a territory, selling & fitting at golf stores and golf courses from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys. His impact on the golf scene drew the attention of many customers that were not familiar with the product line and launched major brand awareness for a smaller golf entity. He is a current Callaway Golf staff player and stays in tune with all the current performance trends of the product line. Between both makes for a good mix of instruction as well as club fitting. His last two of his last three green grass facilities have generated over $92,000 in custom-fit Callaway clubs. While taking over the club-fitting at Alpine C (2019), Russel successfully fit and sold over $60,000 in Callaway and Taylor Made product combined. He is currently enrolled in the PGA of America PGA Apprentice program, gaining better business & communication skills while joining the largest governing body of golf professionals in the country.