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Julie Peltier

Beverage Manager

photo of  Julie Peltier

Phone: 401-821-1115 ext. 5
Email: [email protected]

Julie Peltier was promoted to the position as Beverage Manager in 2019. Julie has been climbing the ranks here at Valley for over 6 years in her popular role behind the bar. Julie is a certified mixologist who has been working in the restaurant business since the age of 16. The majority of her experience comes from her tenure at well-known Smithfield bar, Effin's Last Resort, where she served as manager for 7 years. In her new role, Julie is responsible for the Club's beverage program and bar staff for the members' restaurant and outside events. In addition, Julie still is slinging her well-loved drinks that so many often request. Her tireless work ethic, resilient attitude, and engaging personality have equipped her well for this new position.